Allergy vs Intolerance: what's the difference

If you have an allergy to something then it's definitely more severe than an intolerance. - So if you're allergic potentially it's a bit more life-threatening. But it's not immediately life-threatening. Allergy, immune response something your body believes is attacking it and it needs to stop it. It is reacting to a threat, happens instantly, can be up to a few hours later and symptoms can affect the entire body. Intolerance is different tends to be more delayed, up to 72 hours later symptoms are more around the gastrointestinal tract and importantly, an intolerance is never severe enough that you can die from it. The most annoying thing is just not knowing exactly what it is, so just having to avoid a wide variety of foods.

Just because just in case. - I can't swim now without getting infections in my ears. - It does mean that I have to put a lot of precautions in place to make sure that I'm safe all the time.- There is a difficulty in that I don't know specifically what's the trigger.- Well if you've got symptoms and you want to understand more about whether you should avoid things or not, allergy testing could absolutely be right for you. So everybody has IgE. When you get your test results, your total level of IgE will be looked at to say is there an allergic reaction happening right now. A grade zero means that really there is no potential of you having a reaction to that allergen. Grade six means that it is absolutely definite that you will react to that allergen and actually to a level where you may need to go to the hospital. with this simple at-home test find out which foods might be causing you uncomfortable irritating and sometimes embarrassing symptoms.
This food sensitivity test gives you the guidance you need to determine which foods you may want to eliminate from your diet what all well is that not only is it an at-home convenience it gives you a quick assessment of different foods to determine if any of those are something that you might have an intolerance to.

What Causes Food Allergies?

For some people a simple peanut or a bite of a shrimp can cause the body immune system to wildly overreact in some cases the results can be deadly but what exactly is happening in the body for it to confuse nuts or shellfish with a true threat by definition a reaction to a food is only considered an actual allergy if the immune system is involved and if the response is caused by immune cells called IgE antibodies which we'll get more into later but it's important to distinguish an allergy from a sensitivity or intolerance which involve uncomfortable symptoms as a reaction to food but don't cause an immune response so if you're lactose intolerant you're not allergic to milk.

In order to understand food allergies, we need to know how the body evaluates food in the first place in a typical immune system. Your body is constantly evaluating different antigens to deem them either it's dangerous in this case the proteins on food particles when they eat a peanut for the first time their body kind of tells their immune system like look at this. This is a peanut do not fight this in the future so then every time they eat a peanut their immune system does not react to it at all. The immune system is basically building up a tolerance for the next time peanuts are around but in the allergy afflicted by the time they eat something like a peanut their body is already primed for an immune response our immune system is kind of like it needs balance.

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