BETA HCG Test and High HCG Causes

A hormone called HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone This hormone is used mostly for detection of pregnancy to confirm pregnancy is positive or Negative.HCG hormone is not only positive in pregnancy and we can check HCG Levels in Urine and blood also and HCG Levels can be check-in males also and in women, but there are also a lot of other problems with the uterine system in which HCG level is very important. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone is a hormone and that appears in the blood and urine of pregnant women as early as ten days after conception and the levels can be check-in blood and presence can be check-in urine.  HCG is one of several hormones produced by the placenta.

Beta HCG

What is the placenta?

The placenta is the connection between mother and baby in the Mother's womb and through this placents baby gets Oxygen nutrient, Blood supply, and the waste products produced in the baby body is removed through this placenta. So HCG is produced by this placenta Blood level measurement of this hormone (HCG) has long been used to confirm pregnancy. But there are many other medical conditions in which we check the level of this hormone (HCG). The presence of HCG does to necessarily indicate a normal pregnancy HCG levels can be used to diagnose a variety of reproductive related pathologies which is mostly concerned with women and in men. The level of HCG is also important in some medical conditions. HCG is also called BetaHCG

What is the normal range of HCG?

Normally if we check HCG in Routine or in Routine Negative pregnancy test HCG level is absent so in normal conditions and in negative pregnancy the levels are not detectable. In Pregnant (8 to 10 days) the normal range will be from 50 to 40 International Unit per Levels vary throughout the remainder of pregnancy it means in 9 months period of pregnancy the level of HCG can be different Normal Range in males are Less than 2.5 International Unit per liter.

Normal Range in Non-pregnant Females is Less than 5 International Unit per liter       In Post-Menopausal Females the normal range will be: Less than 9 International Unit per liter.

What is post menopausal?

Those women in which Menses or period did not occur from last one year so such females are called postmenopausal females.

What are the causes of High HCG levels without pregnancy?

HCG level can be high in males and females due to many other medical conditions High HCG level is associated with Ectopic Pregnancy.

What is Ectopic Pregnancy?

In Ectopic pregnancy, the formation of the embryo occurs outside the uterus like in Fallopian tubes and such pregnancies are not successful mostly due to increasing complications. HCG level also increases in the Hydatidiform mole of the uterus.

What is Hydatidiform mole?

It is a type of abnormal growth that arises from the tissue of the Placenta so you call hydatidiform mole an abnormal growth of tissue concerned with the placenta in which abnormally fertilized egg is involved and due to which uterus look like that it contains a baby. But the big size of the uterus is due to this hydatidiform mole and due to this condition the pregnancy test can come positive mostly and HCG Level is increased in blood HCG Level also increased in females with uterus cancer. In males, if there is Testicular cancer the HCG level will be high in the blood of males. HCG also increased in the blood in females with Ovarian cancer Also increased in the Tumor of the Placenta. The tumor is also an abnormal growth due to which HCG level will be high in blood breast cancer In females so HCG levels are also checked in females with breast cancer HCG also increase in blood in Melanoma, Melanoma is the cancer of melanocytes which are present in skin Melanoma can spread to other parts of the body also you can see the picture of melanoma in this slide so you can see HCG level is increased in melanoma and Melanoma is not even concerned with Female reproductive system but still HCG level is increased so it means the level of HCG can be check in different medical conditions HCG also increase in the blood due to Gastro intestinal tract carcinoma in cancer of stomach and intestine also increased in Lung carcinoma. Also increased in ovary cancer HCG also increase in Cirrhosis due to any reason if cirrhosis occurs due to hepatitis or other condition.

HCG also increase in: Duodenal Ulcer.

HCG also increases in Inflammatory bowel disease it is concerned with inflammation of the intestines.

NOTE: A patient with an initial HCG of greater than 400,000 international unit per liter is considered at high risk for treatment failure. HCG level is also checked in after surgical removal of the tumor and HCG is expected to decline when tumor is removed surgically. Slowly decreasing or persistent concentrations of HCG suggest the presence of residual disease it means that when a constant high level of HCG is present in the blood after a disease treatment it will then Suggest that disease is still present During chemotherapy weekly HCG Measurement is recommended After remission is achieved Yearly HCG measurement is recommended to detect relapse.

What will be the Specimen collection for Beta HCG?

Collect 3 to 5 ml blood in Red top or Gel top tube Centrifuge and take the serum and the serum will be analyzed by advanced chemistry Analyzers. This test is concerned with a special chemistry.

How to Collect specimen collection for urine?

Collect 5 to 10 ml urine in a sterilized container and Dip the pregnancy strip in urine and wait for 5 to 10 minutes here you can see the urine in a sterile bottle and urine strips to check HCG you can see the specific mark on this Pregnancy strip dip this strip to this mark in urine and after 5 to 10 minutes wait we check result These are some other strips also available for urine HCG in which when two color lines will indicate positive test and one line will indicate negative test. So HCG levels are not only concerned with Pregnancy and there are many other Medical conditions in which HCG levels Get high in the blood.

What is Beta HCG test (B HCG) blood test Price in India?

For Beta HCG Test Cost refer to Booking Page from where you can book this blood test with free home sample collection. Sample type is Serum and this test is usually prescribed by Gynecologists,general medicine

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