Sometimes we just can't make out why we are not feeling good. Sometimes we can't figure out why we are not thinking nice about someone. It is perhaps because they are thinking wrong about us.

What should we do at such moments?

We need to carefully check our thoughts and change them. So that we rise were above their frequency. Then their frequency will not have any effect on us. Our good, high frequency will start influencing them. Someone who was thinking wrong for us Very soon, they will start thinking nice about us.

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What Is Meditation?

Meditation means Sending good vibrations to other people and change even their thought patterns. Let's do an experiment from today. If you have an issue in any of your relationships someone for whom we have not been thinking nice, and perhaps they are also not thinking right for us. Not thinking right doesn't mean that we are thinking 'bad' for them. Even if we feel hurt, it means we are not thinking right for them. Likewise, if we feel sad, it means we are not thinking right for them. If we are worried, again we are not thinking right for them. Because all these are low vibrations. Just choose any one person today with whom you want to harmonize your relationship. Every day when you sit for meditation thereafter, for 5 minutes, bring that person on the screen of your mind. This means, think of them or visualize them to be in front of you. Then send them a message - Whatever has happened until now is past. It's over. Full stop. From today, you and I will begin a new relationship. A new Karmic account. From today, you will receive only love, respect, and blessings from me.

Just these three lines in your message to them:-

  1. Whatever has happened so far is past. It's over.
  2. From today we begin a new Karmic account.
  3. Please forgive me for whatever I have done to you until now. I forgive you for whatever you have done till now. It is over, it is finished. Full stop.

Just send these messages to them every day. And also - My every thought for you from today you will be full of love, respect, and blessings. It is like a message which we will send to them every day. Send it to them every morning. Send it to them every night before you sleep. During the day also if you happen to think of them Immediately send these messages to them. If we keep sending such energy to them Do you think it will affect their state of mind? Will it?

Yes. It will be karmic relationship healing. If we do not consciously send these messages,  we will be sending the opposite messages, unaware.

Why did this person do this?

Why did they do this to me?

What will these thoughts do?

They will complicate our Karmic account further. The energy radiating from me towards everyone should be clean. My energy creates my karma. Their energy creates their Karma. My karma creates my destiny. Their Karma creates their destiny. Because of their Karma and their destiny, I should not spoil my karma and my destiny.

Couples and also apply these good thoughts as these are the best thoughts on the relationship which will be helpful to heal your relationship, healing after a breakup. This will give a good thought about a life partner, a good relationship thought, good thoughts on friendship. Which will not only heal a relationship but also give you good thoughts on the relationship and the best friendship thoughts

Don't get entangled with other people's energies. When we get entangled, our energy gets pulled down. Today people get entangled with each other, even on the street. Even with strangers on the road. By arguing and getting and entangled for 10 minutes, their energy gets pulled down so drastically. It was only their vehicle which was damaged, isn't it? Repairing it would cost them  1000, 2000, 5000 ... Maybe 10000 rupees? But when our energy is pulled down No amount of money can get us back our energy which we lost in that scene.

Get off your vehicle and speak to them. If your conversation results in a solution, it's fine. If not, just leave that scene. Otherwise, it's a waste of energy. The more this Kalyug is declining The more, our soul power is depleting. You can also notice people getting entangled with each other even over small matters in life. Haven't we got entangled? We start fighting in a shop, start fighting on the streets. We start arguing with anyone. Why? Because our energies are getting entangled. So we need to carefully protect our energy and withdrawal from such scenes. Even if the other person begins arguing Just like in a game of tug of war where two people pull a rope in opposite directions. You are the one to let go of the rope. The game is over. Ask that person to keep playing it alone. Otherwise, it becomes a never-ending wastage of energy. Because after wasting so much energy, if we want happiness, that's not going to happen. It is like spending all your money and then saying - I want to save a lot of money. If you want to save, it should happen throughout the day. You cannot randomly spend money here and there, just like that. Likewise, energy also needs to be saved. So one is to not get entangled in our behavior. And gradually with attention, do not get entangled here, internally as well. It should not be that we didn't say or do anything wrong. But internally we are going on thinking about the scene.  As Our, every Karma is getting recorded. It is creating our destiny. Every thought that we create Every word we speak and every action we do is the energy that is going out from us. As will be the energy we send out, so will be the energy that will come back to us. The energy that is going out is my karma. The energy that is returning to me is my destiny. If someone is being wronged to me today Then it is only energy coming back in return. So the easiest way to experience peace of mind why is this person doing this to me? Answer? Why is this energy coming to me? What's the answer? I would have sent it sometime or the other in the past. But when we check ourselves we say - I had never sent such wrong energy to anyone. When we say - I had never sent such energy doesn't mean this body has never sent that energy. It means, I the soul, have never sent that energy. But actually, we never remember what the soul has sent in the past (in past lifetimes, since the soul is eternal).

All I can say is - I have never sent that energy after taking this costume (body), But I must have sent the wrong energy in my previous costume (previous birth) or the one before that ... or even before that. The Law of Karma is as scientific as the Law of Gravity. It always works. Energy cannot come towards me unless it has gone out of me in the past. It just cannot come. Of course, it's a different matter than when it is coming towards me. I would have forgotten when I had sent that quality of energy out. Why don't I remember?

Because I sent it at some point. It got recorded on the soul. I the soul, left that body.50 years passed, 100 years passed ... Or maybe 500 years passed ever since I sent it. I don't know. I the soul, took a new body. That soul also took a new body. Now I didn't recognize that person and they didn't recognize me. Neither of us remembers what happened in our previous meeting (in some past birth). But that energy is recorded on both the souls (both of us).

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