Health is Wealth - The importance in life

Which one do you think is more important? Money or health.

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People work so hard every day in order to earn money to support their families there are people who work too hard that they forget to think of their health that they forget to take care of their health. To me, money is not very important but without money, life is extremely hard.

Do you agree actually money and health are both important to people's life? People need money people are obsessed with money because they have several reasons.  Let us share you some ideas that are about the importance of money. First of all money gives us freedom and we can do whatever we would like. We are able go anywhere we wish to because we have got the money we can buy ten hamburgers and eat only one and leave the leftover in the rubbish bin. You can buy branded clothes every week, every day may be as long as you have the feeling to go shopping you can go you don't have to think much about what you have to buy first or what you have to do first because of the limit of the money you have.

The second advantage of money is money gives us the liberty to pursue our dream. Money can help us in making our dreams possible to become true. It makes things seem to be easier with money. Our dreams seem to be so close to us that we can catch them with our hands.

For example, we wish to open a family business let's say a coffee shop, a cafe so with money we can find a good place to open the shop we can hire staff if we want our business quite big enough so we need staff to serve our customers. We also have money to pay for utilities for buying coffee supplies all of these things but without money, we cannot afford all the things mentioned above and it takes us years to open the coffee shop. Probably it can't even become true my dream is to live in a villa where there is a garden in the backyard of the house and there is a swimming pool at the front of the house. So if I have money i can just go around my country or my city and find the best place to build my villa or i can just pay chunks of money and buy one when I find the place is a good place to live but without money ok work hard first.

Let me tell you the third importance of money it brings us respect. Wealthy people are considered noble in society and thus they earn respect from other people. And rich people can donate money to charity or to help people in their community and then they can earn respect from people in the community and they also earn the admiration from those people when someone owns a large amount of money. People tend to put him first and listen to his ideas but without money, the way people treat us is totally different. People may look down on us and never put our ideas into consideration because we are poor and our speech doesn't deserve to be judged as good enough.

You see how beneficial money is now however it is generally said that health comes first and money comes later once we are in good shape we have the energy to complete tasks that lead us to our dream. Once we lose our money we can earn more but once our health is deteriorating it's not easy to improve that's why some rich people also die after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical treatment. They have millions of dollars but they cannot trade money with good health. When they are too careless when their health is too weak to recover. Take an example when a person is seriously sick who got diarrhea meaning that he had to go to the bathroom uncountable times. He also vomited and most serious is that he had excruciating pain in his stomach for the whole day from dawn to dusk although. He already took the medicine prescribed by the doctor do you know. It concludes that at that time he did not think of money. Anyone would not be careless with his health again. So everyone if you prioritize money or health it's your own choice but what I would like to suggest you what I would like to give you ideas is to take care of your health probably you should balance your life with health and money. Don't be too obsessed with money and then careless of your health and don't think of your health and don't work but if you are rich already then its fine and you can think about your health alone so balance everyone.

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