How to Make Family Emotionally Stronger

Our previous generations had fewer comforts.  But they had more strength.  But if we do not take care Because we belong to that generation, then our subsequent generation will have all possible comforts as we all have purchased each and every object of comfort at home.  We bought them one by one, isn't it?  We first bought a bicycle, then a bike, and then a car.  Buying a house thereafter took several years.   Today your children have everything available already.  So they are going to get all comforts easily.   Those who get comforts without having too many efforts then their inner power will already be a little on the lower side.   They would not be aware that life can exist in the absence of comforts.  They would not be aware of if the circumstances are not their way then still such a life can exist.

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So it is our responsibility what else should we give them besides comforts?

Today every parent wishes to give comfort to their child.  Let's give only the best to our children.  But everything they want to give is External.  When someone has the best of comforts externally Will he be successful in life?

Even if that child comes first every year at school   Will be necessarily be successful in life?

In order to be successful that the soul needs to have inner power.  Inner power means:

Power to adjust,

power to tolerate.

The power to get along with different sacraments (Sanskars) of people around them. 

The power to remain stable in a problematic situation.   

The power to get work done lovingly.

Which school will equip them with these powers?

Having filled ourselves with these powers we need to radiate them to our children.  Whenever someone says - I don't have time to meditate we ask them not to do it for themselves because we don't have time for ourselves, isn't it?

Let's do it for our children.  Because this power is such that unless we imbibe them within ourselves  We cannot give it to them.  Because it cannot be bought with money.  It cannot be given through a meal you cook for them.  It needs to be created inside us and then radiated to them.  So we need to make our children emotionally strong.  This is the call of time.  Nowadays, the depression rate is high.  The suicide rate is high.  The statistics at this time say Every hour, there is one student who is committing suicide in India.

What are those students lacking?

Inner power.

And the students were committing suicide Or those who are contemplating suicide They are not the students who have failed in exams.  It's not them.  Do not assume that only students who failed in exams commit suicide. No.  Students who have topped their school are also committing suicide today.  Because there is no connection between studies which is external and power which is internal.  It's not necessary that a student who topped the class will have high inner power.  Often, that student will have a lot of fear within.  Often that student will have an attachment to getting the first rank.  Often that student will have an attachment to pursuing a specific profession.  If they don't make it, that's it.  Inner power.  The increase in depression rate and suicide rate   Illnesses which are on the rise   And most important - relationships.  Even in small scenes, we say - That's enough. I cannot stay with this person any longer.  I don't want to live with this person.  So many people say - I don't want to live with them.  Some couple told - We don't want to live together.  Reason was.  They said - Nothing. We don't feel like it.

When they asked to sit down and reveal if she had been abused.  She said - No.  When asked  Then why?  She said - I don't feel like.  So now we will move towards a generation where   Why should I not do something? Because I don't feel like doing it.  It's because they have grown up that way.  We have told them - If you don't feel like doing it, don't do it.  You don't feel like doing it? Then do what you feel like doing.  You and I had not got the choice. We were never told - Do what you feel like doing.  We didn't have a choice, did we?

Our parents told us - You should do this.  You should become this.  So and so should happen now.  And we just obeyed.  With that, what power did we imbibe?  The power to do what we are asked to do.  There will be challenges, but we need to give our 100%.  Once we are married, we cannot go back.  They ask us to adjust.  We kept adjusting, and our power to adjust kept increasing.  But today when children are getting an option - You can come back We didn't have an option. But today when there is an option We have started exercising that option.  And when that option started getting used that option started to get used more and more.  Initially, people would get separated over big issues. But today?  And now we are talking about 20 years from today.  So what do you think is the most important thing to give our children?  By simply earning money and buying comforts for them  It is not necessary that our children and other family members will always be successful.  So besides money, what else should we earn for them?

Answer: Inner power. 

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