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Wefocusoncare is committed to safeguarding privacy of users of this website and have created a privacy policy to be read along with the terms and conditions. If you do not agree to terms of privacy policy please do not provide information. Given below are details of our privacy policy and how we manage personal details.

We collect personal information in order to:

- Provide guidance

- Share information that can be used by  diagnostic laboratories and hospitals for diagnosis and treatments

- To make appointments and bookings in hospitals

- Carry out other transactions

- Send you promotional offers and news about latest developments

- Communicate with you about appointments, consultations, product purchases, hospital bed bookings and any related purposes.

- Maintain your medical records

We collect your personal information directly from you and, in case of emergencies, from your family members or close relatives should this be necessary.

We share information with service providers and doctors and other third parties in order to fulfill your requirements. All such third parties are bound by NDA and other agreements in order to keep your personal details safe and secure and to ensure such details are not used for any other purposes.

We do not sell, disclose or otherwise make commercial use of your personal data. We only disclose information where required by law and then with your consent. If we disclose information to service providers it is only when it is relevant to providing health care services or products. We only retain information for the period for which our services are required and should your case be closed, we will delete all such data.

You have the right to access your account and modify your details by logging in. If you wish to remove your account you may send us an email from your registered email address for us to take suitable action.

If we believe you have not provided accurate details or that you are misrepresenting facts we may suspend or remove your account.

All such details are kept under 3 layers of security. Despite this, we cannot guarantee 100% safety and security due to the inherent nature of data flow across the internet.

We also place cookies on your site in order to deliver a better, customized browsing experience and in order to know your preferences. The cookies do not serve any other purpose. You may use cookies but then you may not be able to realize full functionality of our site.

Our site may contain links to third parties. We are not connected directly with such parties nor do we endorse or support them. Should you click through to their sites you do so at your risk and we are not liable in any way for any of the transactions. Their terms and privacy policies apply when you deal with them.

We reserve the right to add to, alter, amend, modify or delete any of the contents herein without any prior notification.

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